Publications (Selection)

Making Posters
From concept to design
Scott Laserow / Natalia Delgado
Bloomsbury Visual Arts
First published in Great Britain 2020
Pages 134, 169, 180

Les Affiches qui ont Marqué le Monde
(The Posters that Marked the World)
Michel Wlassikoff
Larousse 2019
pages 272-278

First Choice
Leading International Designers
4th Edition
Ken Cato
The Images Publishing, Australia 2016
Seiten 54–55

Graphis Typography 3
Ten Masters of Typography
Stephan Bundi
Seiten 120 bis 127, 158, 167
Graphis Books, 2015

Post no Bills
Das Medium Plakat zwischen Kunst und Kommerz
Sergius Kodera / Georg Lebzelter (Hrsg.)
Stephan Bundi:
Vom Künstlerplakat zum Plakatkünstler
Steidl Verlag
Seiten 58–60

Carteles de Stephan Bundi
Exposición Retrospectiva, 2015
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá
96 Pages, 60 Images

Stealing Swiss
Kimoon Kim, Yongchan Kim, 2015
Catalogue and Exhibition in Korea
CMYK Publications
Page 140

100 Jahre Schweizer Grafik
Museum für Gestaltung Zürich 2014
Page 450, 451 (no authors cited)
Page 30, 39

Rico Lins (ed.)
Ponto de Vista
Coleçao Rico Lins de cartaces contemporâneos
Caixa Cultural Rio de Janeiro
Pages 36, 37

100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design
Steven Heller and Véronique Vienne
Laurence King Publishing / 2012
Page 28, 29

The Poster must sing!
Edition Zdzislaw Schubert
Museum Narodowe w Poznaniu 2012
Page 259, 284

Stephan Bundi | Plakate Affiches
Plakate für das Theater Biel Solothurn
Affiches pour le Théâtre Bienne Soleure
Theater Biel Solothurn / Centre PasquArt 2013
64 pages, in German and French
55 illustrations

MAGMA Brand Design
Germany 2011
Page 131

Graphis Poster Annual 2012
Q&A with Stephan Bundi
Pages 6–7
Pages 89, 91, 116, 151, 152, 189–191, 194, 197
Graphis Poster 2012 Q&A

One By One
Hesign (Publishing and Design)
China / Germany  2011
Stephan Bundi: Swiss Graphic Style does not exist
Foreword Switzerland
Page 515–516 and page 522

AGDA Poster Annual 2011

Work by the Jurors
Australian Graphic Design Association
Unley BC, Australia
Pages 60–65

Graphic Design from Europe
Index Book
Barcelona 2011
Pages 224–227

360° Design
Concept and Design Magazine
Inheritance and Revolution of Swiss Design
Sandu Publishing Co.
No. 34, Pages 22–23, 2011
N0. 3, Pages 56–59, 2006

L’intelligence des affiches
Pierre Fresnault-Deruelle
Pyramid Ntcv
Paris 2011
Pages 198–211

Grafist 2011
15th Istanbul International
Graphic Design Week
Istanbul 2011
Pages 33–63

An Exhibition of Work by Members
of Alliance Graphique Internationale
Barcelona 2011
Pages 46–47

Pages 60–61
Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
(and several editions)

Plakate aus aller Welt
Plakatedition Nr. 26
Kunstmuseum Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus
Germany 2009
Pages 76, 78

China 2009
Pages 36–37

Wolda ’09
Worldwide Logo Design Annual
Eulda Books, Milan 2009
Page 190

The Sourcebook of Contemporary
Graphic Design
Collins design & maomao publications
Barcelona 2009
Pages 82–89

Help! Poster Collection
Bettina Richter
Lars Müller Publishers
Switzerland 2009
Page 61

Master Pieces
Socio-political Posters
National Gallery, Ljubljana
Fundacija brumen
Slovenia 2009
Pages 39, 183

Two Colors
Low Budget, High Impact
Maomao Publications, Barcelona 2009
Pages 78–79, 140, 147, 154, 170, 205–206, 211, 276, 285, 287

ADI Design Award
Graphic Design Annual
Edited by Art Design Institute
Hangzhou China 2008
Pages 235–236

International Color Poster Exhibition
Icograda, Korea 2008
Page 28

Alliance Graphic Internationale
Graphic Design since 1950
Ben and Elly Bos
Thames & Hudson, London 2007
Page 532

Michael Evamy
Ultimate Designer’s Reference
Laurence King Publishing Ltd
London 2007
Pages 57, 63–65, 72–73, 87, 158–159

Newgraphic 13
China 2007
Pages 16–25

The 9th Tehran
International Poster Biennial 2007
Icograda, Tehran 2007
Pages 92–93

Graubünden Exklusiv
René Chatelain
Südostschweiz Print AG
Switzerland 2007
Pages 44–57

European Logo Design Annual
Eulda Books, Milan
2007, Page 268
2006, Pages 426, 430, 431, 434

All Men are Brothers
Hesign Publisher | Designers Edition 2005
China / Germany 2005
Stephan Bundi
Pages 106–111

Breeze in China
AGI Congress 2004 Beijing
China 2004
Pages 26–27

First Choice
Leading International Designers
3th Edition
Ken Cato
The Images Publishing, Australia 2003
Pages 34–35

Homage to a typeface
Lars Müller Publishers
Switzerland 2002

Plakate Stephan Bundi | Claude Kuhn
With a foreword by Kurt Weidemann and Fred Zaugg
192 pages
Stämpfli Verlag AG, Switzerland 2001

Design Basics
David A. Lauer, Stephen Pentak
(several editions)

100+3 Schweizer Plakate
Siegfried Odermatt
Waser Verlag, Zurich 1998

Fachpublikation für Graphic-Design
(several editions)

Fachpublikation für Graphic-Design
(several editions)

Who is who in Graphic Design
No. 3, 1994, Pages 472–473
No. 2, 1982, Page 679

Plakate | Posters
A Selection of Works by First-rate Designers
Bruckmann Verlag
Germany 1997
Pages 22–39

Das Plakat in der Schweiz
Edition Stemmle
Switzerland 1990
Pages 87–90

Swiss Graphic Designers & Photographers ’84
Concept: Karl D. Geissbühler
Publishers Waser Druck AG
Switzerland 1984
Pages 88–89


Art Directors Club NY
(several editions)

Graphis Poster Annual
The International Annual of Poster Art
(several editions 1973–2017)

100 beste Plakate
Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz
Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz
(several editions)

Red Dot Communication Design
International Yearbook
Peter Zec
Red dot Edition
(several editions)

Fachpublikation für Architektur und Design
(several editions)

World of Graphic Design
(several editions)

Biennial/Triennial Catalogues
Chaumont, Chicago, China CIPB, German Design Award, Golden Bee Moscow, Hong Kong, Joseph Binder (Design Austria), Korea, Mons, Lahti, Mexico, Rzeszow, Toyama, Type Directors Club NY, Warsaw